Commemorative Shirts

All proceeds from our commemorative shirts go to benefit the fallen officer's family. We don't make any money from the sale of these shirts.

We will work with the fallen officer's family and/or agency to create and sell the shirts. Campaigns will typically run from two weeks to a month. After that, the campaign is closed permanently and once we settle the numbers, a check is sent to either the family or the agency.

Please see more information on our Commemorative Shirt page.


We are a retail business and our shirts are printed on-demand.  Depending on the order, it may take up to two weeks for the complete fulfillment of your order. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Custom Orders

We are a retail business. As such, we don't do custom orders for individuals or groups. The exception is our commemorative shirts, but we only do those for fallen officers' families.

However, if you have a great idea for a shirt design, let us know! If we like it, we'll create it and give you the first shirt for free if you can get at least five of your friends to order.