About Us

13Co. is veteran/LEO owned and operated.

We are Marshall and Dana, a husband and wife team that started Circle 13 Custom Clothing Company several years ago.  It began as a reflection of our love for car culture and its history.  But we are much more than that!


Marshall is a retired veteran and LEO and Dana is a former dispatcher and military spouse.

We've been in the trenches and on the front lines, both military and civilian.  We believe in the Second Amendment and what our Fore Fathers stood for.  We're history buffs and believe in keeping our American history alive and we tell the stories through our shirts.  And we love old school American muscle and pay tribute to this through our Automotive series.

But, we also have a quirky side!  Hence, our Novelty series.  Did someone say zombies and pirates?

Each collection reflects our beliefs and values, with a little fun thrown in the mix.  We pay tribute to veterans, our brothers and sisters in blue and all of public safety, our history and foundation as a country, and conservative family values.

We hope you'll have as much fun wearing our shirts as we do!

Stay safe out there!